Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Marc´s Eagles

Marc lives surrounded by bald eagles. This one is in the park adjacent to his pre-school. The tree is a few metres from Hastings Street, the main street in this part of town, and a few hundred metres from the Trans-Canada Highway. We've walked around the base of the tree and found the remains of their meals, including the carcass of a salmon that must have weighed 10 pounds when it was alive. Usually this poor eagle is being attacked by crows, who obviously don't like having an eagle for a neighbour.

The other eagle lives in a tree in the yard of a house between our place and Marc's babysitter's house. The yard isn't particularly big or anything, but there's the tree with an eagle in it. Today the eagle was just standing on a limb. I asked it to look my way buy it didn't pay attention.
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