Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ride to Deas Island Park

I rode four hours on Sunday. Here are the stats: 4 h 05 m 00 s, Average Speed: 27.46 km/h, Distance: 112.59 km. That's a flat ride, so the average indicates that I'm not getting any younger. I used to be able to average 33 km/h on flat rides. There was a pretty strong wind, but I had it behind me as much as it was a headwind.

Another big shout out to Mighty Riders. Ed has been helping me with my position. After two recent adjustments, I was able to ride that much time without dying of pain in the feet and the shoulder. I'm not completely comfortable yet, but I'm a lot better than I was last year. And the chafing problem I've had for years has completely gone.

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