Monday, August 25, 2008

Camping in Manning Park

We went camping at Lightning Lakes Campground in Manning Provincial Park. The campground is five km off Highway 3 where the Manning Park Resort is. The campground is probably 1,300 m above sea level, so in late August it's getting really cold at night. I would guess that Saturday morning at 5:00 AM when I got up (thanks to the cat throwing up in the tent), it was probably only a few degrees above zero.

Marc did the learn to fish course. He was great at casting. The province runs learn to fish programs now because they're selling fewer fishing and hunting licenses every year. The argument (at least to people like me) is that someone who uses the outdoors will care for the outdoors. (I think there's lots of people in BC who use the outdoors -- they just don't do the same sports as the people who are currently BC Liberal MLAs.)

On the way home we walked through the Othello Tunnels, a sequence of tunnels in the Coquihalla Canyon. This stretch of railway cost three times as much per kilometre as the typical piece of track at the time. Of course it turned out to be too expensive to maintain the section what with rain storms and avalanches.

We had great weather, probably because we were east of the summit of the Coast Mountains range. As soon as we got down to Hope, the heavens opened. Angela commented that we always seem to drive through a deluge on our way back to Vancouver from the interior.

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